Howden Cattery - Happy Holidays for Happy Cats!





Fully licensed and Insured.

We are a family run cattery which was built to Feline Advisory Bureaux (FAB) Standards.

Each cat or family of cats (up to four) will be accommodated in a large, family sized chalet which has its own heater, covered run and uninterrupted view over paddocks, fields and woodland. We welcome any pet toys or accessories the owners bring to help their cats feel more at home. Cats that board with us seem to become very relaxed. They enjoy lounging on their own patio chair watching the visiting peacocks, the bird feeding table or the ponies grazing in the fields. We visit each cat regularly throughout the day and evening and always last thing at night.

Each chalet has full height sneeze barriers and is fully enclosed for safety and security.

Because we care about your cat we will ensure he or she has individual care, attention and feeding according to needs.

Our booking facility is currently offline.We should be back to normal very soon!

If you need to book a chalet, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 01430 861434.

We can then take your booking over the phone

Thank you for your understanding

Howden Cattery